Mrs. Beth Jarosinski                    

Beth Jarosinski is our part-time Office Assistant and leads Grace Christian Academy's Fundraising Team.  Beth and her husband, Brad, have been with the school since the first year it opened, when their oldest child was only in 1st grade.  They fell in love with GCA's mission upon meeting with the school's founder, Jaime Jackson, less than 2 months before GCA opened its doors for the first time.  Beth loves the GCA family and is committed to the school's mission of leaving a legacy of walking with Christ, which fuels every ounce of effort she puts into fundraising events and service to the school.  God has placed this educational ministry on Beth's heart to faithfully serve wherever there is a need.  Beth and her husband, Brad, have four children who all attend the academy.



Ms. Nicole Jacques                         

Nicole Jacques is our primary elementary educator for levels 2-4.  Nicole has her associate’s in Early Childhood Education and spent 3 1/2 years teaching 4-year olds at a child care center.  The time with child care has allowed her to get hands on experience while also learning from the other teachers in the field.  She has enjoyed the years of investing into children's lives and watching them grow to love learning.  Now she is excited to not only teach children how to read and write, but to teach them the eternal truths from God's Word--discipling them to leave a legacy of walking with Christ.  Nicole first heard about the school through the Kieler family whose children attend GCA.  She then became involved with volunteering for enrollment nights and was really impressed by the school’s mission and dedication towards God's will.  “I am very excited that the Lord opened the door for me to teach here!  It is an honor to be a part of His working hand in this ministry and watching the Lord move in our students hearts!”

Mrs. Vicky Heimke                  

Mrs. Heimke first learned about GCA through Jeremie Johnson and his family. “When I heard all the great testimonies of what God was doing for the school and the children, I found my heart longing to give to the school in whatever way I could. I began to pray that God would open a door for me to volunteer my time at the school and a year later I was approached by the leader of my church’s Sunday School Ministry to apply for an opening at the school. (She knew nothing of my desire to be part of the school). Soon I was hired as an aide and quickly moved into an aide/teaching position. Five months after I was hired my 11 year old daughter was transferred out of the public school and my 9 year old son will be transferring this year..both to GCA!! Praise the Lord!! God answered my prayers and beyond and there is nothing more exciting than being taken on a Holy Spirit field trip! He orchestrated His plan and will for my life and is using me to serve for His Glory.” Mrs. Heimke obtained a certificate in Early Childhood Education and countless hours of training modules through the state foster care program. She is married to her husband Korey who said “yes” to helping her foster children from high treatment foster care and to be involved in respite care, to offer relief for families that were circumstantially overwhelmed. God has been preparing Mrs. Heimke for this opportunity to teach and disciple children at GCA.

Mrs. Danielle Jensen

Mrs. Danielle Jensen is a recent addition to the staff at Grace Christian Academy. She recently moved to Wisconsin with her family. Danielle and her husband, Eric, have been married for 25 years and have five children—one 6 yr. old and 4 adult children, 2 of whom live out-of-state. The Jensens came to Pulaski to Pastor New Life Community Church this past summer. They have been pastoring in various capacities since they graduated from Seattle Bible College in 1996. Danielle has a passion for teaching the Bible to all ages. She also has a heart full of music and has been performing and leading worship for most of her life. For the past nine years she has enjoyed teaching piano lessons to students of varying ages. While her older children were young, she had the opportunity to teach Art on a volunteer basis in the classroom for 8 years. She is very excited to be able to teach both Art and Music to students of all ages here at Grace Christian Academy! It is an added bonus that she will be able to weave the Word of God into all of those lessons.


Mr. Jeremie Johnson           

Jeremie Johnson is our Head Administrator, along with our physical education teacher here at Grace Christian Academy. He also leads the Virtual Academy portion of Grace’s program.  “The vision of being part of a Christian educational ministry has been burning in my heart for many years.  In all my time serving and teaching, I knew the Lord was preparing me for this position!”  Mr. Johnson holds his Masters Degree and brings 16 years of experience with his time teaching and coaching within public and private schools.  Mr. Johnson is strongly devoted to help students know the Lord deeply and to disciple them towards leaving a legacy of walking with Christ!  “What an honor it is to be involved in discipling students to be ambassadors for Christ.  To teach from the Word of God every day is truly a blessing for me, our students, and families.”  Mr. Johnson is married to his wife, Amy, and together they have two children who attend the academy.


Mr. Brian Nejedlo                  

Brian Nejedlo is our primary Jr. High educator for levels 5-8.  Mr. Nejedlo has a long history of teaching, mentoring, and working in ministry.  He taught at Denmark High School from 2000 to 2004, during which time he had the privilege of meeting and working with Jeremie Johnson, our school Administrator.  The two became fast friends and maintained their relationship well after Brian left teaching to pursue other opportunities. During that time period, Jeremie Johnson became involved with Grace Christian Academy and brought the school to Brian’s attention.  Brian’s dream of involvement in a Christian school was awakened!  In looking back, Brian says, “It is pretty clear to me now that God was orchestrating a plethora of events, dating back to 2004 and leading right up to the present, to bring me to my current situation--teaching full-time at GCA.  I have no doubt that God will obtain great glory for Himself and provide me with the opportunity to testify to others of His greatness.”     

Mrs. Crystal Mathey

Mrs. Mathey has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, along with 10+ years of training, mentoring and developing others with passion.  She has worked with a variety of ages from birth to 70 years old and receives great joy in watching others be successful. Mrs. Mathey’s main passion is Jesus!  She is a born-again Christian and lives her life committed to having a relationship with Christ and putting Him at the core. She is committed to living righteously and encouraging others to do the same.  Mrs. Mathey has had the opportunity to lead life groups at Celebration Church, where she was able to help others best respond to the attacks of the enemy and to overcome them by focusing on the Truth of God's way and Word.  In an effort of leaving a legacy and living a God-led life, Mrs. Mathey serves weekly at church in various roles including the children’s ministry team, greeting, leading Bible studies and prayer groups. She is very excited to be able to apply all of this to the young students at GCA!  “Finding this position was truly led through the Holy Spirit. I happened to be looking at the Website, ended up in the newsletter, and saw that two other teachers were being led elsewhere. I couldn't find a job posting of any sort, so I emailed the general mailbox asking if they were thinking about hiring and I found out that they were!  Jeremie emailed me about a week later with the official job posting and one thing lead to another and now here I am! Prior to finding this position, it had been on my heart that it would be amazing to have a career where I could mentor others and share the Gospel. I had no idea this is what was in store for me!” Mrs. Mathey spends most of her time with her wonderful family that consists of her supportive husband Mark, oldest (bonus) daughter Addie, and youngest daughter Annabella.  She is super excited to work with children at GCA and to see how the Lord will be moving and growing in each of them!

Mrs. Lindsey Schwahn

Mrs. Schwahn is the new 3K teacher at Grace Christian Academy. She has a background of volunteering for children’s ministries in church settings and being a camp counselor, as well as leading “Inspire Dance Ministry” for the past 10 years, where she teaches the love of dance for the purpose of worship to children ages 2 and up. Mrs. Schwahn is married to her husband, Jacob, and together they have two sons; the oldest attends GCA’s 3K class. Her drive towards being a part of the GCA mission is desiring discipleship-based education for her own children, as well as being able to reach out and serve other families with the good news of Jesus Christ. She is thrilled to share in this special and important time in many children’s development, where the foundation for knowing God is being built!