Ms. Angie Fischer                    

Angie Fischer is our part-time Office Assistant.  Ms. Angie Fischer is a faithful servant of the Lord who joins the Grace Team because of her love for children and Christian ministry. She feels a strong sense that she can use her chosen field of study, Office Management, to honor the Lord and fulfill His call to make disciples.  She is excited to be a front-line voice and face to the staff, community, students and parents of Grace Christian Academy, knowing she is as much an integral part of our discipleship mission as all other staff.  Ms. Fischer is a native of Guatemala and lives just outside of Pulaski.



Ms. Nicole Jacques                         

Nicole Jacques is our primary elementary educator for levels 2-4.  Nicole has her associate’s in Early Childhood Education and has spent 3 1/2 years teaching 4-year olds at a child care center.  The time with child care has allowed her to get hands on experience while also learning from the other teachers in the field.  She has enjoyed the years of investing into children's lives and watching them grow to love learning.  Now she is excited to not only teach children how to read and write, but to teach them the eternal truths from God's Word--discipling them to leave a legacy of walking with Christ.  Nicole first heard about the school through the Kieler family whose children attend GCA.  She then became involved with volunteering for enrollment nights and was really impressed by the school’s mission and dedication towards God's will.  “I am very excited that the Lord opened the door for me to teach here!  It is an honor to be a part of His working hand in this ministry and watching the Lord move in our students hearts!”

Ms. Sandi Hermann                  

Sandi Hermann is our primary music and art teacher.  She also helps out with other aspects of the elementary education program.  Mrs. Hermann has an extensive background in worship and music theory.  Mrs. Hermann is married to her husband, Nic, and someday hopes to open a music school--maybe right here in Pulaski!

Jeremie Johnson.jpg

Mr. Jeremie Johnson           

Jeremie Johnson is our Head Administrator, along with our physical education teacher here at Grace Christian Academy. He also leads the Virtual Academy portion of Grace’s program.  “The vision of being part of a Christian educational ministry has been burning in my heart for many years.  In all my time serving and teaching, I knew the Lord was preparing me for this position!”  Mr. Johnson holds his Masters Degree and brings 14 years of experience with his time teaching and coaching within public and private schools.  Mr. Johnson is strongly devoted to help students know the Lord deeply and to disciple them towards leaving a legacy of walking with Christ!  “What an honor it is to be involved in discipling students to be ambassadors for Christ.  To teach from the Word of God every day is truly a blessing for me, our students, and families.”  Mr. Johnson is married to his wife, Amy, and together they have two children who attend the school.

Mr. Brian Nejedlo                  

Brian Nejedlo is our primary Jr. High educator for levels 5-8.  Mr. Nejedlo has a long history of teaching, mentoring, and working in ministry.  He taught at Denmark High School from 2000 to 2004, during which time he had the privilege of meeting and working with Jeremie Johnson, our school Administrator.  The two became fast friends and maintained their relationship well after Brian left teaching to pursue other opportunities. During that time period, Jeremie Johnson became involved with Grace Christian Academy and brought the school to Brian’s attention.  Brian’s dream of involvement in a Christian school was awakened!  In looking back, Brian says, “It is pretty clear to me now that God was orchestrating a plethora of events, dating back to 2004 and leading right up to the present, to bring me to my current situation--teaching full-time at GCA.  I have no doubt that God will obtain great glory for Himself and provide me with the opportunity to testify to others of His greatness.”     

Mrs. April Kielar                  

April Kielar is our primary elementary educator for levels 4K-1.  Mrs. Kielar has an extensive background in nursing and the medical field.  Mrs. Kielar is married to her husband, Joe, and together they have five children, four of which attend the school.