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Read the following testimonies from our parents:

For the past year, our daughters have attended Grace Christian Academy and the blessings have been countless.  Not only have we seen our girls advance in their academics, but have witnessed a growth in their integrity and character.  The teachers truly have a love and heart for the children and work above their calling to help disciple each one.  As parents, this is what matters the most!  We couldn't ask for more qualified, dedicated teachers to be an extension of our arms in training our daughters to follow Jesus Christ.  We are greatly encouraged and so grateful for GCA!  Thank-you for how you support this ministry! -Joe & April Kielar

Our family has really grown since Max started attending GCA.  We have grown spiritually and we also feel like one big family with GCA.  The teachers are respectful, helpful, and always there for us and we know that Max is in a blessed place.  He is becoming a wonderful young man in Christ!  FreedomProject Academy, GCA's virtual online school partner, has also been a blessing.  Max actually enjoys school because he is challenged and is learning things that he would have never learned in public schools.  It is amazing to watch Max become a more responsible student!  Our experience here at GCA is more than just an education, it is life changing!  -Scott & Laura Breinling

Grace Christian Academy has been such an incredible blessing to our entire family!  We can’t say enough good things about the school and the wonderful people we’ve come to know there.  God has confirmed for us over and over and over that Grace is exactly where He wants us.  The most wonderful thing I have noticed since our kids started school at Grace is their spiritual growth.  They come home from school singing worship songs from their worship time every morning and tell me about them.  The things about God that we tell them at home are being backed up daily instead of just on Sundays and they are being surrounded with godly people who truly love and trust God with their whole hearts.  It is truly a wonderful thing we have in Grace Christian Academy and we are so grateful that God has brought the school, staff and families into our lives!  -Brad & Beth Jarosinski


Academically, we present a rigorous Classical Christian education that is independent from and FREE of Common Core content and agendas in all 3K-12 grade levels. Our heart for discipleship has led us to group students in small classes, thereby maximizing student opportunities for academic and spiritual growth.


There is so much to share what God is doing through this educational ministry.  Are you interested in enrolling?  Have questions about supporting us?  Want to be a volunteer?  Please contact us with your questions and comments!


Scripture says, "Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered" -- Proverbs 11:25.  Leave a Legacy by partnering with us with a blessing of support.  There are many ways that you can help come alongside the mission at Grace Christian Academy! 

FreedomProject Academy

We have been very privileged and honored to partner with FreedomProject Academy out of Appleton, Wisconsin with helping us to establish our virtual school here at Grace Christian Academy.  By blending the traditional classroom environment with the virtual classroom environment, we are able to bring a learning experience to our students that is both unique and versatile, while still achieving high academic standards and spiritual integrity.


The vision to found GCA began over 15 years ago while volunteering in a Christian school in an economically disadvantaged area. Since then, the vision has grown by following God's will in the hearts of dedicated staff, families, students, and volunteers.  See what God has done in the lives of those involved and how the work continues to build towards Leaving a Legacy of Walking with Christ!

MISSION STATEMENT: Grace Christian Academy is a non-denominational Christian school that exists to disciple students towards leaving a legacy of walking with Christ producing wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. -- Luke 2:52